SixForNine Signing With Eclipse Records

Eclipse Records is elated to announce the signing of SiXforNinE, an alternative metal band from Athens, Greece to an exclusive worldwide deal. The band features former Septicflesh drummer Fotis Benardo on lead vocals. SiXforNinE wows listeners with their unmistakably unique modern rock which occasionally features odd time signatures and overtones of progressive metal.

“I’m really excited to see things moving forward with Eclipse Records,” says drummer Pete Outfox. “It feels great to know that we’re part of a label that appreciates our music so much!” Guitarist George Kappa continues, “Parallel Universe is a blend of alternative metal and progressive rock that was born through endless hours of jamming and experimentation. For this album we wanted a record label that specializes in our genre and that believes in our music vision. I’m very excited that SiXforNinE is working with Eclipse Records.”

The band recently wrapped up a new full-length album entitled Parallel Universe. The album was produced by singer Fotis Benardo, mixed by Paul Pavao (Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots, Breaking Benjamin), and mastered by Tom Baker (Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue). Parallel Universe scheduled for release on August 2, 2019 via Eclipse Records.

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